January 12th, 2006

2005 goals in review

I meant to get to this sooner, possibly during the New Year's weekend, but fell sick. Time to look back at my goals and see how I did.

Goals that I successfully met:
  1. Do the research on buying a condo, and if possible financially, start looking for a place.
  2. This was the biggest surprise and far more successful than I imagined it would be, considering that it was more likely that I would once again end up putting this off for a year.
  3. Take care of that lingering financial thing I haven't dealt with since moving here.
  4. The thing in question was dealing with my vested interest in the 401(k) plan from my last job in Boston; I ended up cashing it out to help meet my share of the downpayment for my condo.
  5. Go to a club show / rock concert (at least) once a month.
  6. It was a close deal - I only sat through one act of three for the July show, and due mainly to the condo business I almost didn't get to an October show, but I did it. Plus, I went to a few shows at Bumbershoot.
  7. Post in this journal at least once a week.
  8. Almost foiled by falling sick the last weekend of the year, but I rallied enough to post!

Goals that I met with mixed results:
  1. Complete the braces and get the rest of the dental work done.
  2. Wearing the braces continued throughout the year, but I had no control over when that would be done (besides being diligent about wearing the rubber bands), so it's not really a failure either. (I'm now scheduled to get them off at the end of this month. Yay!)
  3. Put more money into savings.
  4. Well, I did increase my monthly automatic transfer to savings from $25 to $100, but then I had to withdraw money from savings to make ends meet a few months, and also to make some of my condo deposit.
  5. Continue playing violin, jamming with Tony S.
  6. Umm, I think we did play together once or twice, but I can't remember for sure. I know I didn't do any playing on my own. I may have utterly failed this.
  7. Continue aikido training.
  8. We did continue fairly regularly until the summer, when a series of schedule conflicts and injuries, on everyone's part, killed off the training.
  9. Host a boardgaming night at my apartment once a month.
  10. This proved to be hard to follow through: it worked for the first five months, but too often people were busy, people didn't respond, people didn't show up, and then I just got too busy with other things.
  11. Prepare and run a short RPG adventure (probably Section 8).
  12. I had been thinking that I'd do a three-to-five session adventure when I wrote this goal, and that didn't happen. However, I did end up running a one-shot playtest of Stranger Things in November when Scott was visiting, so that counts for something.

Goals that I utterly failed to meet:
  1. Make use of the social network/dating website services I belong to, and go out on dates.
  2. Well, I contacted three women on Salon, and... nope, nothing, that was it. I did sign up to Yahoo Personals too, but still this counts as an all-around failure.
  3. Do more volunteering for the Vera Project.
  4. I changed my mind. I just felt out of place, and it seemed clear everyone was far too young for me to hold hopes (or desire) of meeting someone.
  5. Resume reading for a half-hour before bedtime.
  6. Didn't happen. I did get a few books finished.
  7. Shift my personal schedule back a bit and establish a habit of getting up at 8 AM.
  8. Also didn't happen. Trying to do that now.
  9. Buy decent speakers for my Mac, which I've been talking about doing for probably two years now.
  10. Nope, never had spare funds.
  11. Finish building and painting my Warhammer 40K Tau army.
  12. Nope. Maybe I'll be inspired this spring when the new Tau Codex is supposed to come out...
  13. Post on the Attacks of Opportunity blog at least once a week.
  14. Not even close. I did have a few good posts, but I didn't even manage to post once a month.
  15. Post more often in my Delphi forum and try to start some actual discussions.
  16. This perhaps should go in the "mixed results" list: I made fewer total posts (576 in 2004, 425 in 2005), but did start more discussion threads (22 in 2004, 34 in 2005). However, I mostly failed to get ongoing conversations out of my posts, and I ended up deciding to close the forum, though my hand was forced by everyone else deciding to leave Delphi.