October 19th, 2005

happy accident, and moving on

It turned out that parkbenchzine was on the right track about my car after all. The appraiser determined that the body work required to completely repair the car was more expensive than the car was actually worth. My mechanic, on the other hand, determined that what the car actually needed was a replacement marker light, removal of the plastic in front that's occasionally grazing my tire, and sealing the hole in the trunk; and that work could be done for around $500. So with the settlement the insurance company's offering if I keep the car, I should end up with a net gain of around $2,000. That will be quite helpful, either in reducing my credit card debt, or as reserve funds to cover a month's mortgage payments, just in case. Most likely I'll put it toward the larger credit card debt, as otherwise I'm unlikely to make any real progress there. The car will still look beat-up, but I can live with that; after all the money I've already dumped into repairing the car in the past year, I would really hate to toss it before I've even managed to pay off those repairs, just because of the body work. I've been expecting to drive this car into the ground anyhow, I just didn't expect someone to help drive it there.

I spent most of my evenings last week, when I wasn't having distracted guys in Porsches careen into the side of my car, boxing and moving the bulk of my non-furniture stuff. That made a big difference on Saturday, when it was time to move the furniture, though as it turned out it might've been better to have some of those boxes around to fill out the truck and reduce the risk of things sliding and falling. Still, with the help of five friends, the move went very smoothly; particularly helpful was my friend Amy's work to pack up the kitchen stuff - food, dinnerware, and appliances - into boxes, which would've taken me much longer if I'd done it on my own afterward, as I had thought I would.

The Sunday after I closed was when I brought the first few belongings over to the condo, as an afterthought to going over there with the vacuum to clean. This past Sunday, after having moved almost all the rest of my stuff the day before, I went to the old apartment to clean and also picked up the few remaining belongings. Because I'd forgotten a screwdriver, I actually still had to go back Monday night to remove the child safety gate that I'd installed to keep Nimiel out from under the kitchen sink; and because it'll take two weeks or so for my DSL to be set up and transferred to my condo, I've left the modem and wireless router set up in the old apartment for the other people to keep using. However, I met the landlord last night for him to inspect the place and to turn over my keys, and he refunded my security deposit. So with the exception of one last trip to pick up my modem and router, and drop off the spare keys, I'm officially moved out and done with the first apartment.

I'm sure I'll occasionally miss living in that area, and I'll miss living so close to my downstairs neighbor and now friend Marie, but all in all I'm quite happy with my new home and not really sad at all to leave. It was a good apartment and I was lucky to get it, but I'm glad to move on.