October 11th, 2005

things I did this evening

  • Talked to my landlord about issues with my apartment that he ought to be aware of.
  • Got hit (in my car) by a Porsche Boxster just as I had stopped curbside at John's place.
  • Waited around for the police to show up and document the accident.
  • Went to dinner with John.
  • Boxed up the bulk of my books with John's help and brought the heavy boxes and a few other things over to my new condo.
  • Disturbed a neighbor at midnight in the process of moving the boxes in through the more-convenient back door.

Yeah. I'm physically okay, far as I can tell - though it's a damn good thing I hadn't finished parking and started to get out of the car - but ironically I already had made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning about the lower back pain that hasn't gone away after six weeks. The car's not too bad, just banged in part of the back panel and front panel, breaking the front left side signal light and probably dislodging the bumper a bit; but it was still driveable and the bumper doesn't actually seem loose. It's totally his fault, mercifully he's got insurance, but I may still end up paying a $500 deductible, I don't recall at the moment and I'm too tired to think about it. Off to bed.