October 4th, 2005

Week 53... and counting...

Today marked the last day of a year wearing braces, or the beginning of Week 53 (7-days/week * 52 weeks = 364 days). Since my last entry, they've added a third rubber band that goes across the front of my mouth from upper left to lower right, which is even more of a nuisance. My teeth have been more sore and sensitive in general, and whenever I remove the bands so I can eat, I can feel all the teeth shifting back into place as the pressure is released. I made a point of not wearing the bands to kittenaskat's wedding as they simply don't look good, but otherwise I've been wearing them as much as I can - although I do tend to go a couple hours in the afternoon and again in the evening without them, when I eat.

At my last checkup a couple weeks ago, the orthodontist said that everything looked good and things were going well, but the upper midline still needed some final tweaking into place, and that could take a few more weeks... or a few more months. Blah. I suppose that if it does take a couple more months, at least that pushes the bone graft / implant work out past the holidays, which is probably preferable to having that happen right before them. Still, I'm very eager to be done with the whole business.
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