September 9th, 2005

Monday evening at Bumbershoot

I've written about Kinski before, and just like the other two shows, they totally rocked. One thing I haven't noted before is how they don't actually break between songs, they just shift into experimental noise, doing things like: the bassist playing her bass guitar with a bow; the drummer holding a cymbal while using a drumstick to rub or tap its edge, or just dropping it repeatedly on the floor; and one guitarist playing quick non-melodic runs and flurries on a flute, sometimes while speaking into it. Some of that happens in the midst of songs, and some of it is captured on their CDs, but I believe their latest Alpine Static doesn't have as much of that as they do in concert, or even on their previous CD. They're definitely more powerful and wilder in concert than recorded, and I recommend them highly.

At the end of their set, one guitarist's equipment started acting up and his guitar dropped out. Fortunately he had a microphone set up for vocals, so he quickly sang some of his guitar part before switching out to a different guitar. Alas, that one started dropping out too, indicating the problem was with the connection, but switching cords didn't help. He ended the song in a frenzy of trying to play *something*, before announcing "all my shit is broken", but at least it was time for their set to end.

When I came out of Kinski's show at 7:15, I found myself quite tired, yawning hugely, perhaps just from withstanding the sheer force of their set. I also found that the weather was turning quite cool and breezy. There were two more acts I was interested in, Michael Franti & Spearhead, and Tegan & Sara, both starting at 8:45. I decided I would start out at Spearhead, as that was more unusual for me, and then I could move to Tegan & Sara if I wanted to - both shows were outdoors. Well, I got colder and colder, and still felt really tired, and hated the whiffs of pot stench that kept drifting through the crowd (seriously people, regardless of any other drug issues, that shit STINKS), so I wasn't in a particularly good mood by the time Spearhead started. I listened to a few songs, staying about a half-hour, but just wasn't into it, and wasn't feeling any warmer despite the crush of the crowd, so I decided I was going to leave early. However, I did make my way over to Tegan & Sara's set and stayed for the latter half of that. Their indie/folk rock is much more my style and I enjoyed them more, but wasn't blown away either.

So Bumbershoot ended with a whimper rather than a bang for me, but it was still worth attending. I did enjoy it and would go again, though next time I have to be sure to bring a backpack with a sweater. Also hopefully next time I'll bring a friend; I can enjoy a good show, such as the Decemberists or Kinski, by myself, but I found that wandering the festival on my own was a little lonely.

(note on both entries: the "Mood: blah" simply reflects the fact that I've come down with either some kind of allergy attack or a cold. Off to bed for me...)

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