July 23rd, 2005

happy to be home again

Back from Canada. It was a fun trip, but it involved a lot of driving - a little over 550 miles in five days - and I'm rather tired and don't really want to drive for a while. This afternoon I drove Mom to IKEA so she could check it out (Dad didn't want to go and stayed home reading), and just the drive down really tired me out and gave me a headache. I think the driving was so tiresome because there was a lot of long-distance driving, a lot of driving in hilly/mountainous terrain, and a lot of staring past oncoming headlights on the way home last night.

Anyhow, we did have a good time. Vancouver's a really pretty city and seems like quite a cool place. We went up to Whistler, which also seems like a very cool place to vacation. The ferry to Victoria (well, Nanaimo) was fine and I didn't feel ill at all. I got to spend some time with my good college friend T. Davis, who has been known to comment here once or twice. Victoria's also a very pretty city, though I think I wouldn't want to live there, just visit, whereas I would consider living in Vancouver. The ferry ride from Victoria over to Port Angeles wasn't so nice, the ferry was smaller and the straits were rougher, and it made me feel ill. Fortunately that was only for the latter half of the trip, and I recovered quickly. The ferry ride from Bainbridge back to Seattle was the best, as it was very smooth, very quick, and the approach to Seattle at night is quite cool. However, the drive along the peninsula from Port Angeles to Bainbridge isn't so great, at least at night.

Mom and Dad leave tomorrow night, and then I have a bunch of things to do over the next three weeks before my sister and her girlfriend show up for their 12-day visit.

Just as a footnote, one good thing about the trip to IKEA was that it reminded me of the loft bed option as a way of maximizing space in a condo unit, if the ceilings are high enough. That would make a smaller unit more feasible for me. I think I've been getting hung up on working with my existing furniture - which makes some sense, as I won't be able to spend a lot on new furniture - and I have to remember that I do have options like that. (Yes, I know there are drawbacks to loft beds, such as climbing in and out getting tiresome, but as a solution to the space problem, it's a good one.)