October 25th, 2002


So. I still have this LiveJournal, and haven't written in it almost since I got it. I'm really not one to keep a LiveJournal -- I've kept journals before, but they've all been very personal things (read: mostly devoted to me complaining about how miserable I was, how little I did to change that, and how stupid I was for that reason).

I haven't kept a journal in over four years now, mainly because I finally did get my act together and move on in my life. I don't feel any particular need to post updates about my life here; my life's pretty good, my friends listen to my complaints when it's not, and I keep in touch with distant friends and family by email or phone. But I have this journal and I should do something with it.

I also have a need to write. I don't have that burning drive that "true writers" are supposed to have. I'm much more of a dreamer than a writer. But I'm employed as a writer, and I'm finding it hard to write. I also have creative writing projects that I'm really enthusiastic about, yet I'm finding it hard to write those as well. I have the skills and talents of a writer, the interest to be a writer, but I do not have the writing habit. I can and do write a lot regularly, in emails or on my friend's forum, and not all just conversational writing, either -- I can expound at length on many topics, some of which aren't even that geeky. But still, that is not the same as having the writing habit, and all that casual writing has not helped me to sit down, focus, and write, when I have a writing project to be done.

So, I believe I should use this LiveJournal to develop my writing habit, by writing entries daily. It may be challenging to find topics that will sustain my writing - maybe I can pick a theme for each day of the week, so the rotation of topics will keep them interesting. Or maybe I need a weekly theme, so I can work on developing an idea over a short number of entries.

Comments and suggestions will be welcome, from the two of you who actually read or even know about this journal. Hmm, I should probably let a few other friends know about this journal, that could be helpful to me.