July 26th, 2002

figuring things out

Still figuring out this whole LiveJournal business. I tried to upload a couple user pictures last night. I tried three different files, two .gif and one .jpg. All three were under the 40K size limit, all three were under the 100x100 pixel limit. In all three cases, LiveJournal did report that they uploaded successfully, but the pictures did not appear, instead just the "missing picture" placeholder showed up. I have no idea what that's about, guess I need to read some of the help journals.

Also, I joined the "bluegirls" community journal, and couldn't figure out how to post to it, because I was expecting there to be a link somewhere on that journal's page for members to click in order to post entries. Come to find out, I'm supposed to log in to my journal and post from there.

I downloaded a client for my Mac at home, but haven't installed and tried it yet. Still not sure if I'll download a client on my work (Windows) laptop, or just rely on the web interface. Since I'm not thrilled by the web interface, I may get a client.