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I spent this past weekend attending the Capitol Hill Block Party as a blogger for KEXP, and my write-up for Friday has already been posted on the blog. The main acts I watched on Friday were Thurston Moore and Ghostland Observatory, but I also caught at least parts of sets by Fresh Espresso, BOAT, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Craft Spells, and Yuck. Of those, Craft Spells was probably the best discovery, though it turned out I recognized two or three of their songs from KEXP airplay. Also, after I'd been listening for a few songs to Kurt Vile without knowing who it was, I found myself checking the schedule to find out because it sounded good, so he probably deserves more of my attention as well. Thurston Moore's music was good but lacking in variety and the set was too short—he had an hour scheduled, but played a mere 35 minutes despite starting on time—while Ghostland Observatory's set ended up feeling a bit long, probably because we were all just waiting for "Sad Sad City" and nothing else they've done has quite matched that song yet. 

As mentioned, the full review is up on the KEXP Blog. You can also see my small set of photos from Friday on Flickr. 

I've submitted the write-up for Saturday, which will probably be posted tomorrow (Tuesday), and I still have to do the Sunday write-up, which will probably be posted on Wednesday. It's possible there'll be a delay to get some better photos; so far there are very few official KEXP photos to choose from for those days that aren't from the Caffe Vita Bean Room performances, and my photos sadly aren't very good at all as I was generally too far from the stages or else stuck with bad lighting conditions.

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