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still getting in gear

Coming back from break is hard. I had ten days in which I could claim to be busy because I had a houseguest, and thus put off dealing with a bunch of important stuff. Yesterday I didn't really get anything besides laundry done, though at the tail end of my extra-late schedule and also being up until dawn dancing, I didn't feel bad about it. However, I also ended up not getting to bed until 4 am again, then had my sleep interrupted early not just because I'd set an alarm for 9:30 but also because of extra-noisy work outside on the building. And then, faced with some unpleasant tasks to deal with, I had to struggle a lot against the urge to avoid things. Having a condo board meeting early this evening helped in a way, as I already had that task on the schedule, but still I got much less done than I feel that I should have.

I'm going to take some time after writing this to deal with some more of those tasks, but I also have to try to get to bed at an earlier hour tonight, get up earlier tomorrow, and get more things done. I have some organizing tasks I could do, which aren't urgent and thus doing them would be more avoidance. But organizing things tends to put me in a better mood, so I may do them anyhow as a means of getting in a better mindset to do the other tasks.

I'm also sitting on the threshold of having more work. I now have the potential to get more work out of my main client as some restructuring means I can get work from two different groups, but it may be a while before I see anything from that. I'm also still waiting to hear about the part-time professional job I applied for in mid-June; I still can't say anything more about it other than that I have reason to believe they haven't yet made decisions and that I would definitely hear from them whether or not they wanted me.

I want to close this on a positive note, and so I'll just remark that yesterday was nine months since my car crash last October. As I mentioned, I was out dancing Saturday night until dawn and I had a great time. While out dancing, I realized that every time I go now amounts to being a celebration of the fact that I'm still alive. Whatever else is bothering me, I'm still happy for that.

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