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break's over

Okay, I'm back. Not that I went anywhere, but as I expected, I had too much going on with Doug's visit to want to make the effort to post every day. I didn't end up taking any photos besides some at Go Play NW—you can see my set of photos on Flickr, as well as a set that Doug took—so I didn't have any to post during the week. 

Although I say I had too much going on, it was a fairly mellow visit, actually. We were up until 4 am or so pretty much every night, and I got up around noon most days; Doug usually slept in a while later, despite the noise of building repair outside and me going about my business inside. We had dinner with some friends, but did not get to see all the ones we wanted to. We spent some time running about on errands. We didn't manage to see the final Harry Potter film (I still haven't seen films six or seven part one) as we didn't try to get tickets soon enough. We did get me a replacement Xbox 360 off someone selling theirs on Craigslist, and it's been working fine. (Now I have to decide what to do about disposing of my broken one.) We tried out a couple of the new boardgames I've had for months but hadn't yet played. And I brought Doug along for trivia night, at which we came in third out of three teams. So we did a bunch of things, but nothing exceptionally big and exciting, other than Go Play NW.

Go Play NW was a great success once again. We had around 120 people, and I believe everyone had a really great time. I got to meet some cool new local gamers and hopefully will get to play more games with them. I also had a good time playing games; I got to try Anima Prime and Polaris for the first time, and playtested a neat boardgame called "Oh My God, There's an Axe in My Head!". The Northwest Rooms at Seattle Center turned out to be a great space for us after all; the noise was manageable, there was plenty of room, and people even carried tables and chairs outside to play in the courtyard, which was fun. 

And a final quick note, having a car was very handy, and I quickly got over my initial nervousness and enjoyed driving again. That said, I'm just as happy to be done with the car, and to not have to be spending money on gas. I may yet get a ZipCar membership, but first I want to see how the car crash aftermath works out.

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