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June review

Very busy in the first half with the KEXP Summer Membership Drive and associated week of contract work. Did not in fact use my time in the first couple days to get anything done from the list, nor did I pick up with that afterward. In fact I feel that most of the latter half of the month involved not doing much of anything important at all.

But that said, I did have work coming in throughout the month—in fact I worked a lot more than expected, hours-wise, during that week of my KEXP contract work, as I also had some urgent freelance work come in that I had to do in the evenings, making for a pretty tiring week and weekend. Also, I applied for a part-time professional job; I'm still waiting to hear whether I'll be interviewed, and I'll say no more about the potential job for now.

I went to some fun events with friends, including dinner with some of my long-time KEXP volunteer friends; spending two Friday evenings at the bar Hazlewood in Ballard where my friends Blake and Jenny were DJing; and going out to see Stripped Screw Burlesque perform "Disney After Dark", which was highly entertaining, at the Rendezvous last Saturday. I also went to several decent concerts, and went out dancing.

And that's all I'm going to say about June. I don't know about the list for July; it's been a year, still too many items that have been on the list for most of the year, there doesn't seem much point in posting it yet again. In any case, I still have a lot of work to do tonight, so it's time to get back to that.


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