Philip (philaros) wrote,

On the State of New York passing a law to grant marriage licenses to homosexual couples

The truth is that marriage is a civil and legal institution in our nation, separate from the (Catholic) Sacrament of Holy Matrimony, separate from any other religion's conception of marriage. It conveys both rights and responsibilities to the couples who choose to become married, and we have such a civil and legal institution because we recognize the benefits it brings to society as a whole—benefits which are far more than just bringing forth and raising children. The change in the law of New York does not change the nature of the sacrament of marriage (if you accept that article of faith), nor does it require the Church to recognize or perform homosexual marriages contrary to its teachings. It does mean that the state recognizes that homosexual couples who are willing to commit to a single loving relationship and to fulfill the duties and responsibilities that the state asks of heterosexual couples also deserve to have the same rights and benefits of those heterosexual couples.

And let's not forget, the state already doesn't make the same demands for a lifelong relationship that the Church does, so heterosexual marriage under the state and nation already is not the same as the Catholic sacrament of marriage. It's really this simple: if you believe that the Church's teachings on marriage must be enforced upon all citizens with respect to homosexual couples, regardless of their personal faith or culture, then you should also be campaigning against civil divorce. You should also be campaigning against the state recognition of any kind of marriage that the Catholic Church does not recognize as falling within the faith—no atheists can marry, no Buddhists, no Muslims, no Jews, and frankly I think a lot of the various Protestant / so-called Christian denominations are on shaky grounds as well.

Unfortunately I don't have time to get into this further. But I'm going to post what I have for now.
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