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youth music programs

My goddaughter Maddalena had her first choir performance yesterday, and I attended the concert. It was actually a pretty big deal too, as the Seattle Girls Choir features students from first grade through high school in various choirs, so the whole event was about two hours long. I've never been particularly big on choral performances, so I was a bit surprised by how much I enjoyed this. All of the choirs were really good, they each did a fun song as well as more serious pieces, and I enjoyed all of the music. I also had a strong sense of nostalgia for my years in student orchestras, remembering how much fun that was and how big a part of my life it was. I'm glad that Maddalena has such a strong interest in music and singing already, and hope that she will continue on at least through the rest of her school years, as I believe the choir will be a great benefit to her as she grows up. And although I'm still trying to straighten out my own use of time, and will continue to be heavily involved in supporting KEXP, I feel I should consider looking into some youth music program that could use some volunteer help as well. It's something to keep in mind at least.

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