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cycling around Magnolia

I've been off the bicycle for a week, partly because of being busy and partly because of the weird minor chest congestion that's been bothering me all that time. However, the congestion does seem to be easing up a bit, and tonight I decided to go for a ride. It ended up being longer than planned, and maybe wasn't the best idea, but it was all right.
  • From my home east and south around Queen Anne by Westlake Ave
  • Down through Belltown to the waterfront by way of 9th Ave, Bell St, Western Ave, and Wall St
  • South along Alaskan Way as far as University St, just because I felt like seeing more of the waterfront, and then back north the same way to Myrtle Edwards Park
  • North and west to Smith Cove Park in Magnolia by way of the Elliott Bay / Terminal 91 bike path
  • Back along the bike path (as Smith Cove is a dead end at the marina) to 21st Ave W in Magnolia
  • Around the Magnolia Scenic Loop, which was the part maybe I should've saved for another time
  • Across W Dravus St to 14th Ave W, then north to W Nickerson St and back home.
Google Maps—18.1 miles, estimated 1 hour 50 minutes, actually spent about 2.5 hours. 

I think the Magnolia double-loop route I described last time may be a better one, or at least an easier one, as it turns out that going clockwise around Magnolia involves a long gradual hill climb headed northward on Magnolia Blvd W, in addition to the climb up Thorndyke Ave W around the southeastern side of Magnolia. Although having said that, I'm forgetting that there was a decent downhill slope headed eastward along W Emerson St, so I'd still have to tackle that climb going the other way. Anyhow, I'll have to give the double-loop a try next time.

Magnolia also has some pretty fancy neighborhoods overlooking the bay. I was amused that just as I was thinking the houses must be practically un-sellable in this market, I saw a realtor's sign at one place, and just a bit further along saw a new house being constructed. I wonder who the people are that live in these homes, what they do for a living that they can afford them, and also how many of the homes may have been passed down through the families. There's also a hidden neighborhood tucked away closer to the shore, along the dead-end street Perkins Lane W, which I decided not to check out this evening as I was already tired and didn't want to deal with even more steep hill climbs, but I do want to go back another time for a look. And there are some parks along the route that I'd like to check out as well.

This is part of the reason I wanted a bicycle, so I could start exploring more of the far (or near-yet-still-somehow-remote) corners of Seattle that I haven't spent time in. I'm pleased that I'm finally getting to do that. I still haven't actually been in Magnuson Park or up to Carkeek Park, so I believe those will be next.

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