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A couple days of work in the evening, running later than intended for no good reason, and I'm feeling pretty wiped out. Yesterday I was at least able to indulge in sleeping a bit later than planned, to make up the difference, but today I had to get up about an hour earlier than usual for my midday volunteer shift at the KEXP membership drive. When I got home this evening I crashed on the couch for about a half-hour, and then had to make a real mental effort to make anything for dinner. And what I ended up making was quite simple—just a pork chop seasoned with soy sauce, with some spinach sauteed with scallions and garlic, and leftover rice pilaf—but still, I almost didn't even do that much. I'm glad that I did though, it was tasty and made me feel a lot better than I would've if I'd just made a spinach-and-cheese-on-toast sandwich, which was the lazy option. 

I've now let reading the self-help book Feeling Good slide for about a week, and I need to get back into it; I think I can read another chapter tonight, actually. I'm letting several other things slide as well; although I have been busy with the KEXP volunteering this week and also have had some urgent work drop in my lap, I still feel like I should be able to manage to get more done than I have been. Another reason to get through reading Feeling Good, so I can see what the other two books have to say about getting things done. I know next week is going to pass very quickly as well, and suddenly I'll be staring at July and still at a loss for accomplishing things. 

Speaking of which, I was just reading Ryan Macklin's blog post about John Harper's module game Lady Blackbird and how it's functionally a primer on how to convey implied setting in a game. This is relevant to what I was just saying in two ways. One, it makes me want to get back to some more of my own game development work, whether the Chiaroscuro / Dungeon World: Cetak setting, the sha'ir class for Dungeon World, or the oracle game notes I jotted down last year—that last one being what I particularly wanted to pick up this evening as I started reading Macklin's post, but I wasn't sure I'd come up with anything in time to make a new post. Two, I do still want to have a Dungeon World dungeon prepared for Go Play NW, and that's only a month away now; I'm running out of time to sit down and prep something. Somehow I need to make that happen too, without neglecting the other important things I also need to be doing.

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