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busy night, quick note

I missed posting yesterday due to a paper taking longer to edit than expected, and an unexpected phone call to a friend as well. Not that I had anything particular to say; I think it's going to be a week like that: I'm volunteering with KEXP four days this week for the Summer Membership Drive, and I think I'll end up having other things going on in the evenings as well. I was at trivia night earlier, and now I'm at Bauhaus working on another paper. This paper's annoying because it's at least the second time I've seen it, and despite other reviewers saying they think it's almost ready, it's actually in no better shape than it was the last time I edited it due to some subsequent changes. Anyhow, they want it back by end of day tomorrow, but I'm at KEXP all afternoon, which means I have to get it done by tomorrow around noon, so I'm going to get back to it.

Oh, on Sunday's post about feeling blah: I do have some kind of vague light chest congestion, it feels more like an infection than an allergy, but it doesn't really seem to be getting any worse and I'm hoping it'll just clear up in the next day or two. 


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