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more cycling routes (today's and plans)

Today's cycling route: Up along the Ship Canal Trail into Magnolia, checking out the neighborhoods at the northern tip past Commodore Park, then across the locks and up the Burke-Gilman Trail to Golden Gardens Park, and then back down the Burke-Gilman Trail to Fremont and then home. Google Maps—14.0 miles, estimated 1 hour 27 minutes (actual time closer to 1 hour 50 minutes, though the extra time is partly just from stopping here and there). 

Here's a route I'm thinking about for maybe later this weekend, as the weather's supposed to be really nice: Up through Ballard to Carkeek Park, which I've never yet visited, then through the North Beach / Blue Ridge neighborhood to Golden Gardens Park and back home. Google Maps—16.7 miles, estimated 1 hour 54 minutes. I suspect it's got some tough hills up in the North Beach part of the route and maybe headed out from Carkeek Park as well. 

Here's a Magnolia double-loop: Around the northwest corner of Queen Anne and across W Dravus Street into Magnolia, northwest around Gilman Ave W to get to Discovery Park, doing a counter-clockwise circuit on the Discovery Park Loop Trail, then south and east via Magnolia Blvd W and north and east via Thorndyke Ave W to return to W Dravus Street, and then home from there. Google Maps—13.2 miles, estimated 1 hour 27 minutes. For some reason Google Maps doesn't seem to recognize the northern half of the Loop Trail, but I think the route it's showing won't be that much different distance-wise. I'm not actually sure whether the entire Loop Trail can be cycled, though Google Maps is showing it as a bike path. 

It looks like I could do just a trip up to Discovery Park, around the Loop Trail, and back home as just under 10 miles and just over an hour (Google Maps), and that could be a good regular cycle route to do for exercise. But I'd be more inclined to do it when they finally finish extending the Ship Canal Trail so it goes beneath 15th Ave W and across the railroad tracks into Magnolia—right now it's a bit of a nuisance to cross there. (Incidentally Google's directions are a bit off there, as it directs me to take the automobile overpass across 15th Ave W, and I don't believe bicycles are actually supposed to use that.) For now, I may just stick with the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop (Google Maps), which is only about 7.5 miles but is something I know I can do in under an hour and it's not too strenuous, making it good for more frequent exercise. 

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