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May review

Really, most of the important and good things that I did this month involved dating and relationships. Which I'm not writing about. Which still bugs me that I feel compelled to avoid the topic, and yet, when other people are involved, I do feel I need to be more discreet than when I'm writing just about myself—partly for their sakes and partly for mine.

In things I can write about, well I already did write about finally getting a bicycle, that was another important and good thing. Work was okay, though still in the not-quite-sufficient range, which is a problem. In the past few days I did start trying to address some of the work-related list items such as updating my resume and project list—the project list item should be done, but I got annoyed about a copy-and-paste problem between Excel and Word; it's clear I have to do it the long way, so I'll just take care of that as soon as possible and be done with it. There's a big chunk of "get rid of stuff" items that I thought I'd handle over the past weekend, but ended up focusing on the resume/work stuff instead. No big deal there. 

I'm going to post the list at least once more, for June, and try really hard to knock as much off it as I can. That'll be a full year of posting the list, and it's apparent that simply posting a list isn't sufficient to keep me accountable for getting stuff done. Of course, one of the list items is about reading self-help books, and two of those books are specifically about developing better habits to get stuff done. The third is about handling depression, and that's the one that I recently started reading; once I've finished that, if not sooner, I'll read through the other two books and hopefully by the end of June I'll have some better techniques to try than simply posting the list.


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