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resume stuff and finding work

I've been working on my resume this afternoon, seeing if I can condense my two-page general-purpose resume down into a single-page sales sheet, not so much "here's my employment history" as "here are the skills and work I can do for you". I'm torn about it: as I want to pick up more clients as a project-based freelance contractor, that's the sort of thing I think I need, but as I still want to get agents to do the project-finding work for me, I think a traditional resume is what I need to have. Certainly the agencies I've talked to in the past have all made it clear that I would be an employee of their agency, and they've all wanted a resume usually in addition to filling out their own resume form on their websites. I do already have a one-sheet version of my resume focusing just on my editorial skills and services, but I've been hoping to branch out into doing more page-layout work and maybe non-technical non-software (copy)writing, and that's why I want to get a one-sheet to cover the variety of work I'm capable of doing. At the same time, as I never go out and do the footwork of approaching potential new clients cold, it seems like an exercise in futility. It'd be good to have when opportunities come up, which does happen occasionally, but it's been so rare as to seem like just more filler to avoid finding work.

Likewise I still haven't updated my big list of projects I've worked on, because although it seems like a useful and impressive thing, it's not something anyone's ever asked for, and it's a lot of work to update it. I need a better way to be able to convert my project hours tracking list into the project CV list. I know this is something that XML should be good for, and in theory that I should be able to do without a lot of difficulty as the modern Excel file format is XML-based, but in practice I don't know how to get what I want.

Oh yes, then there's the obvious "forget all that crap and get in touch with some agencies, a task that's been on your list for nearly a year." Well, it's a holiday weekend, so that's something I should do tomorrow for Tuesday. I know part of my reluctance there is that, based on the times I've talked to them in the past, I'll be stuck in the "Microsoft copyeditor" hole, when what I want is for them to help me find other sources of work as well as other types. I already do Microsoft copyediting, get paid better than the agencies are willing to pay me, and don't have to commit to being on campus every day for months at a time. On the other hand, if the project-based occasional work were sufficient, I wouldn't be planning to seek help from the agencies. Grarh. I'm just going around in circles here.

Anyhow, Cafe Ladro's about to close, so that's good for today.


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