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I've been thinking about getting a bicycle for years. Back in the spring of 2006, after I'd moved into my current home on the north side of Queen Anne, I started going out for long walks to get to know the area better—walks which quickly led me up over Queen Anne hillaround Lake Union, through Magnolia and across the Chittenden Locks into Ballard, and out to the Montlake Cut, among other places. However, in checking my "walks" tag here in my journal, I see that even earlier than that, in the spring of 2005, I was already saying "I'd still like to get a bicycle"; I'd clearly been thinking about it for a while at that point even.

Well, when my younger brother Jeremy and his friend Caroline came out to visit in May 2009, they rented bikes a couple times from Recycled Cycles on the north side of Lake Union, and had fun going out for rides. They had a good time, and Jeremy took note of how I kept talking about getting a bicycle but never doing anything about it—my ongoing financial difficulties have been a major factor in continually putting it off. And then I had my car crash last October, reducing my mobility around town. So, this past winter as a combination Christmas and birthday present, Jeremy got me a generous gift certificate to Recycled Cycles, to help me get a bicycle. And now that the weather in Seattle is finally hinting at the approach of summer, I've finally taken advantage of his gift and purchased a bicycle.

new bicycle!

I actually purchased it two weeks ago, on May 11, but I've barely used it so far. I was really busy last week when the weather was nice for several days and didn't get a chance to go for a ride. Finally this past Monday it was still nice enough in the early evening that I took it for a short ride, just up to and across the Ballard Bridge and then back down the Burke-Gilman Trail through Fremont to home.

Today, the weather was nicer than predicted, so I rode it back to Recycled Cycles to get fenders and a carrying rack installed. They had to hold it for a while so I took the bus home. Then when it was ready, I was in such a hurry to catch the bus back that I forgot my helmet at home. So rather than go for a longer ride right away, I decided to be a good cyclist, and took my bike on the bus back home to get my helmet. And then I cycled around Lake Union following the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop, which is basically the same route I took five years ago when I first walked around Lake Union. At the time, it took me about four hours to do the walk, although I spent some of that time just checking out interesting places along the way. Tonight, I cycled the loop in about forty minutes, spending almost another twenty minutes just checking out the new Lake Union Park. That difference in time bodes well for my ability to explore more parts of Seattle that I've never checked out before, and I'm looking forward to it.

me and my bicycle

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