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Go Play NW 2011: T-Shirt

We're fortunate to have the extremely talented graphic designer John Harper as part of the Go Play NW team. Every year he's created a cool t-shirt design for our weekend, and this year is no different. Because we're based in the Pacific Northwest, we naturally chose a sasquatch as our mascot, but John's alternated between a shaggy sasquatch silhouette and a more detailed ape / monkey king portrait for his designs. Because we'll be holding the event at Seattle Center this year, John went with an astronaut monkey king theme, tying it in to the Space Needle and general 21st-century background of Seattle Center. Check it out:

Go Play NW 2011 T-Shirt Design

We're pretty excited for this year's event, which is happening July 8 to 10. There's still time to register and order the t-shirt—or even just order the t-shirt if you already registered but held off on the shirt—but t-shirts must be ordered by June 13 in order to be available for Go Play NW 2011, and we will not be shipping the shirts, you must pick them up at the event. We'll get some version of the design up on Spreadshirts as well, no doubt, so that people can custom-order their own shirts or sweatshirts with it. 

Oh, and I'm rather pleased with the announcement I wrote for our website about the t-shirts, so you could also go read that if you like. It's more entertaining than this post.


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