Philip (philaros) wrote,

KEXP Blog: The Raveonettes at Neumos, May 2011

Last year at Bumbershoot 2010, The Raveonettes were one of the few bands I really wanted to see, and although I ended up missing the first half of their set, I really enjoyed what I did get to hear and was eager to hear more. So I was pleased back in late March or so when I saw them on the calendar for May 13 at Neumos, and put the date down for myself. I'd also been enjoying hearing Tamaryn on KEXP in the past few months, and was happy to get a chance to see them as well. I was not disappointed by either band at last Friday's show, and neither was my friend Gina, who came along and added her own commentary to my notes. I attended as a reviewer for KEXP, and you can read all about the show in my post (with Gina's contributions) on the KEXP Blog. Unfortunately, as I mentioned a couple days ago, my photos of the show did not come out so well, but I do have a small set up on Flickr.
Tags: concerts, kexp blog, neumos, photos link, tamaryn, the raveonettes

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