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dad's heart can vote

Today's been a busy day, I've had some work to edit which has turned out to need more time than I expected. Not a bad thing though. I still have a third paper to get through this evening, as the client wants it all back by noon tomorrow and Tony has to look at it too. So I'm just going to make a quick post here. Today is my dad's eighteenth rebirthday, the anniversary of his heart transplant in 1993. The past few years have been rough on my dad, as the medications that keep his body from rejecting the donated heart have slowly worn down other systems in his body. He no longer has minor problems; almost any health issue that comes up is by default a major problem requiring a trip down to the hospital in Boston rather than being treated at the local hospital in Nashua. Still, he's hanging in there; he hasn't had any problems in months, and he's still mobile and able to do things like cook dinner at home, attend meetings and fulfill his duties as a city alderman, or go out to see a performance by Garrison Keillor, which my siblings and I arranged as a Christmas present for my parents. So my family and I continue to hope that my dad will stay healthy overall for a good long while yet, even as we're grateful for the eighteen extra years he's already been granted.
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