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weird dream

I don't really have a good idea of what I want to write today. Consequently I have only about five minutes left to write, so it's another stream-of-consciousness filler post. Today started out oddly with a very vivid dream of being woken up at my parents' house by noises downstairs and discovering that my friend Jay with two other guys had broken in to the house at 2 in the morning, just as a surprise to hang out, I think. (I discovered that they'd completely removed the outside part of the doorknob as part of breaking in.) They were making food or something, and I was telling them that they couldn't stay because they were going to wake up my parents and they'd be angry. All this of course is utter nonsense: I routinely stayed up until 2 am or later with friends over, and my parents were only occasionally annoyed. (Heh heh.) Anyhow, I remembered that much of the dream rather vividly when I woke up, but I forgot an odd detail until a while later. Jay had told me that he was going to include something on the hard drive he's supposed to send to me, and I was glad and said in that case I did want him to hang onto it until he had that done, but I couldn't remember what that something was. So I checked Facebook and couldn't find a message or comment from him about that particular something, and then I realized that was because I'd dreamed about it. 

And then I had a fairly normal rest of the day, getting work done at Bauhaus and going to an Editors Guild meeting. And now it's time to post.


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