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April 2011 concert: Dodos at Neumos

Okay, probably a good idea to get my remaining April concert reviews written before I get further into May, what with plans to see five shows in the next ten days or so. I was going to do a single summary post for the remaining three concerts, but the second of those, featuring Foals, is proving to need more time than I have left before midnight. So I'm just going to post the first review now, and will finish the others when I get home in a while (I'm at Bauhaus now) as tomorrow's post.

On Monday April 4, I staffed the KEXP table for the Dodos show at Neumos. The guitar-and-drums duo Reading Rainbow opened the show with a set of good pop-rock songs. Dodos have dropped the vibraphonist, which disappointed me as that was the element that particularly caught my attention when I first saw them in 2009. Instead, they've added a second guitarist, which gave them a harder-edged rock sound, but still very good. They also were able to get a full, loud volume while still being comfortable enough to forego earplugs. I didn't recognize many of the songs and figured most were from their new album. It was a good set overall, but not as exciting as that first time I saw them. (As usual, although I was attending as a KEXP volunteer, these opinions are solely my own.)

Although I was staffing the table for KEXP, I was able to run up to the front for a bit to grab some photos, and ended up with a decent set which you can see on Flickr

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