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The List: May 2011

The list:
  • Refresh contacts with agencies (Aquent, Comsys, Volt).
  • Make new contacts at MAQ Consulting and Creative Circle.
  • Update financial worksheet with past year+ of data.
  • Spend (at least) 4 hours per weekday on work.
  • Update project list with 2010 work. DONE
  • Revise marketing one-sheet version of resume with general focus (editing skills, desktop publishing, other). STARTED
  • Set up basic web page with information on professional services.
  • Read self-help books that'd probably have already helped with personal issues if I'd read them already. STARTED
  • Pick up with learning Objective-C for iPhone programming.
  • Get a nice print of that graphic for that friend. STARTED
  • Put the sink pedestal back in place (need someone to help with this).
  • Get up by 9 am regularly.
  • Look into drafting bylaws for Go Play NW.
  • Finalize budget for Go Play NW 2011. DONE
  • Clean out hallway and bedroom closets, get rid of junk.
  • Hang up artwork that's still sitting in closet and new art from Christmas.
  • Get rid of clothes I never wear (donate if okay, trash if old and ratty).
  • Get rid of old computer books and disks that are no longer needed or useful.
  • Get rid of old broken DVD player that's not worth spending money to fix.
  • Dispose of burnt-out CF bulbs.
  • Dispose of that broken laptop.
  • Get rid of old broken garbage disposal.
  • Buy more underwear.
  • Decide upon and start new series of exercises.
  • Make sure there's space in storage closet for a bicycle. DONE
  • Get a bicycle! DONE!
Concerts, dance nights:
  • Junip at the Triple Door, Monday May 2 (KEXP VIP Club performance) DONE
  • Zola Jesus at the Crocodile, Wednesday May 4 DONE
  • Battles at the Crocodile, Thursday May 5 DONE and write a review for KEXP DONE
  • The Psychedelic Furs at the Showbox, Sunday May 8 (possible) [SKIPPED]
  • Peter, Bjorn & John at Neumos, Tuesday May 10 DONE
  • YACHT at Neumos, Thursday May 12 DONE
  • The Raveonettes and Tamaryn at Neumos, Friday May 13 DONE and write a review for KEXP DONE
  • TRUST (dance night) at the Baltic Room, Saturday May 21 SKIPPED due to more important things.
  • Sweatbox: Off the Deep End (dance night) at the Baltic Room, Thursday May 26 OFF LIST It didn't happen this month, or possibly was on Wednesday night instead, but I didn't find out until Thursday.
Changing the list format a bit—dropped the "off-list" section and dropped "new items" until I clear out more of the old ones. The only thing really new under new items was getting a bicycle, which is now an "old" item, and it didn't make sense to have just a big list of concerts as a single item under "new items". 

My month's starting off with a bunch of activities already on the calendar, so I'm going to have to really focus to get anything done.

That's a lot of shows, but I probably won't end up at all of them, and at least two of those events will be free. I'm hoping to cover at least one of them for the KEXP Blog as well, still waiting to hear back on that. I'm not putting the Sasquatch! Music Festival down either—I'd like to go once again to help cover it for KEXP, but I haven't yet heard anything about that either, and in any case as I still have to pay my own way for food and lodging, I probably can't afford to go this year.



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May. 5th, 2011 03:40 pm (UTC)
The List: May 2011
Enough with the lists already!!!! It's a prime procrastination maneuver! But, since you've made one, at least prioritize the top 10. I would recommend adding one and putting it right at the top: Instead of making lists, I will accomplish one or more of these items each day.
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