Philip (philaros) wrote,

missing Boston

I was just looking through my friend Sarah's photos of Boston, where she currently lives, and it's made me miss Boston again. Although I've visited Boston every year since moving to Seattle nine years ago, except for 2004, I've only done so as part of my December Christmastime visit. That means I've been on a busy schedule and haven't had much time to spend down in Boston, and also it's been bitterly cold wintry weather every time, making me disinclined to spending a lot of time going out and about in the city anyhow. I'd really like to go back and visit Boston (and New England) during better weather for a change, say in September, and have some leisure to spend time just hanging out in the city. I also feel that I don't know Boston as well as I ought to, for having grown up fairly close by and making many visits there throughout my life, as well as working in town for over three years and living just outside in Medford for about 18 months. I don't actually want to leave Seattle and move back to Boston, but I kind of want a reason to maybe spend a summer there.

I think maybe I'm also feeling a bit bored with Seattle as a city, like I'm too familiar with it. I think I need to spend some time rediscovering it this summer, finding new things to like about it. Heck there are still major parks like Magnuson Park that I haven't even visited yet. That's part of the reason why I need to get a bicycle soon, so I can more easily explore parts of Seattle I still don't know well.
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