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Easter party prep

Another quick post tonight. I stayed up stupidly late getting yesterday's project done, which threw off my plans for today a bit because I got up later than I'd intended. Still, I was able to get out to the grocery store for some things including cat litter, which I needed for the next task, cleaning the cat box and the bathroom. After that, I had to dust and vacuum my place—it needed doing anyhow, but I'm having friends over for Easter dinner tomorrow.

Vacuuming took longer than expected, as the small unpowered spinning brush attachment got jammed. After opening it up and cleaning it, I had a hard time getting it to go back together properly. Or rather, it was easy to put back together but somehow the fit was just slightly off, so that the force of the suction wasn't able to make the brush spin like it should have. That was very frustrating, as there was no obvious way to adjust things so it would work. I finally resorted to a '70s-style fix: yelling, swearing, and banging the stupid thing until it worked. Somehow I was able to knock it into the proper fit so that it worked again.

With all of that, I didn't start making myself dinner until 11, and I'm eating now. Once I'm done, I have to prepare some ice cream for mixing tomorrow morning. I'd wanted to have two different batches, but I didn't have time earlier in the week to make one, and I've found that the mixing bucket really needs more than a full day in order to refreeze properly after it's been used, defrosted, and cleaned. 

I decided that the Easter dinner party would be do-it-yourself pizzas, as I had a batch of homemade raw pizza crusts already made and in the freezer. I also figured it'd be easier on me to host the party that way. For some reason, probably tied in to my other issues and possible mild depression, I'd been dreading the idea of hosting a dinner and having to prepare a main course. Once I'd thought of the pizza party though, I became enthusiastic about it. And I figured it would be a very good thing for me to have people over for a party, something I haven't done since Easter two years ago. 

And with that it's almost midnight so time to post. Not sure whether I'll get a post up tomorrow or not.


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