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swords and exercise

Ten minute writing break from struggling with these stupid documents.

I miss swordplay. Not a euphemism. While I was training in martial arts, I got to do some training with swords, and I enjoyed that a lot. It was very satisfying to learn how to swing a sword around and to go through the katas and forms. One thing that held me back from picking up training when I moved here was that I didn't know where I could go to get a mix of kung fu, tai chi, and sword training, like I'd been doing back home before I moved. Another thing of course was not putting in a lot of effort to investigate schools and find out if anyone was offering that. Although they do have Oom Yung Doe schools out here, which is the system in which I first trained (as Chung Moo Doe on the East Coast), I didn't want to return to those schools, as it wasn't quite the mix or atmosphere I was looking for. In any case, once I'd bought my condo, I began the long slow slide into my current financial difficulties, and that became the prime reason why I haven't returned to doing any martial arts training. A year or two ago, I learned of a school up on Aurora Avenue that offers kung fu, tai chi, and weapons; and apparently there's a new tai chi school very close nearby that offers sword training as well. So I may have a couple options, but first I need to straighten out my finances. I did bring my training swords with me when I moved (and occasionally wonder if I broke any state laws in doing so), but haven't tried doing any training on my own; by now I don't expect I'd remember any of the forms well enough to feel comfortable doing them. I was thinking about doing 10,000 cuts as a follow-up to my 10,000 push-ups from last year; the car crash sidelined my minimal exercise and stretching efforts, but I should try getting back into that soon. And I should go get a bicycle next week, speaking of renewing efforts to get some exercise.

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