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work annoyances and praise

Of course, I write about how work on the whole has been insufficient to meet my needs and how I need to spend more effort finding more work, and then I'm kept busy the rest of the week with urgent work coming in unexpectedly. I'm probably going to be up rather late—later than usual for me, and I'm a night owl—trying to complete edit passes on a few documents so the client can have them back tomorrow morning. It's a matter of lots of fiddly little details trying to make them consistent and readable, and trying not to get sidetracked with annoyance. It's funny how annoyed I can get when I get something that's messy like this, when my ability to bring order and consistency to documents is one reason I get this work in the first place. I think it's just that it seems unnecessary, a result of carelessness and sloppiness rather than a simple lack of proficiency. Or it's because of the arbitrary and haphazard adherence to rules or styles that happen to be wrong—misuse of capitalization is just one egregious and annoying common error. 

On a happier work-related note (well, besides having some more work come in this week), I received a rare note of high praise for the work I did editing a longer paper last weekend. It's rare not because it's not deserved, but rather simply because it's rare for me to get any kind of client feedback. It's rare for me to deal directly with the clients, after all—generally I work essentially as a subcontractor, with others actually managing the work and dealing with the client, so those people are the ones who'd hear any feedback. And it's also uncommon to get more than a thank-you of acknowledgement, as far as I can tell. In this case, I'd happened to have direct contact with the client in the process of coordinating the work, and she took the time to email both myself and my partner (Tony) her gratitude for the work we did on the paper. That was very cool.

And now, time to get back to the current project.


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