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weekend wrapup and gaming stuff

It's been a good weekend. Last night's show was a lot of fun: Strong Like Woman was a surprise hit, turning out to be a lot of fun, and of course Hotels were solid as always and I danced a lot—and even got compliments for that from a few women. I took a bunch of notes on the show but I'm not ready yet to write them up, and I still have to go through the photos and get those uploaded too.

I was rather wound up when I got home, so it took me a couple hours to fall asleep. Despite that, I was able to get up early enough to start my laundry before going over to Tony's to play some Wrath of Ashardalon, the D&D 4E-light board game. I'm not sure how I feel about the game. It's kind of fun, and by limiting options it makes the tactical miniatures aspect of D&D 4E workable within a short time frame. However, by reducing it down to a board game, they've kind of taken all the interesting and fun aspects out of the game, at least for me. In a way I have a much better idea now why it seems many old-school D&D players, or even just fans of the third edition, strongly dislike the fourth edition. This is also reinforcing my appreciation for Dungeon World and what a fantastic job Sage and Adam have done in converting old-school D&D into the Apocalypse World system. 

Speaking of Dungeon World, I did end up dropping out on running the game for now, as I just wasn't prepared enough to handle it. I still feel terrible about that, especially as I was using the Pacific Science Center as the basis for the initial dungeon and it's rich with material already, I just had to spend the time to get notes down and I didn't. Fortunately, Tony was willing and able to pick up my slack and start running an adventure for us using that dungeon setting. Now what I need to do is make time to detail another dungeon so I can pick up when we're done with this one; the EMP/SFM should be the next one and should be easy enough to convert, but again I just need to take the time to do it.

And I also want to get back to doing some other Dungeon World design and writing here. I was thinking about picking up with the sha'ir class conversion tonight, but ended up not having time to gather my thoughts enough. Still it's back in my mind now, so maybe soon I can do some more with that.

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