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March review

The list abides…

I did actually complete a list item, that of posting concert write-ups and summaries for the rest of 2010. In fact I even caught all the way up to the present, so that feels pretty good. And I'm really happy with the reviews I've written most recently, for the February and March concerts, which included two KEXP Blog posts (Man or Astro-Man? and Warpaint), so I feel like I'm back in the game with that.

I also mostly did one of the old list items last night, creating the 2010 V:CD mix that I agreed to do last, umm, June I think it was. I may swap out a song, but aside from that I just need to burn three copies and get them into the mail, which I can—and will!—definitely do within the next few days. 

Okay, I just emailed someone for a little advice on another old list item, so I can take care of that soon too. (No, not the "buy more underwear" item. That one's just sitting there because it hasn't been urgent, but most of my older pairs are showing signs of wear so I really do need to take care of that soon.)

I was expecting a fair amount of work this week, which still hasn't started coming in. Regrettably I did not take advantage of the free time to get other things done. I think I need to start writing things down in the morning, or even the night before. Just one or two things that I plan to get done that day. Then maybe I can make some progress.

Aside from the list, it's been kind of a crazy month. It started off with the KEXP Spring Membership Drive, then I worked at KEXP every day the following week and had activities almost every evening that week. Then I got sick and was pretty much down the whole following week. I went to only one show I'd planned on, Pogo, but went to two other unplanned shows, tabling for KEXP at the last one. I had some good times with friends old and new, some planned and some not.

Oh and my journal posting was spottier than it has been. I missed the first three Fridays (out for KEXP social activities the first two, no good reason the third), plus a Sunday (the night I was coming down sick but had to get through some work first) and the past two Wednesdays due to game night. I'll have to try better next month.


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