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KEXP Blog: Warpaint at Neumos, Mar 2011

Sometimes KEXP sends me to a show to review. Sometimes I just go out to a show on my own and pitch it as a review after the fact. This time was one of the latter, as I decided last minute on Sunday March 20 to head over to Neumos to see Warpaint, with PVT and Family Band opening. The last-minute plan involved getting dinner with a friend at Oddfellows Cafe beforehand, with the result that we completely missed Family Band and walked in about 15 minutes into PVT's set. That was unfortunate not just for missing out on discovering what Family Band is like but also for missing out on the start of what proved to be an awesome set of music by PVT; still, at least we were in time for some of PVT. And then Warpaint did a phenomenal powerful set as well. Thus once again my two rules of show-going were proven true: it's always the right decision to go to the show, and it's always worthwhile to catch the opening act. You can read all about the show in my post on the KEXP Blog

Because I pitched the review after the fact, we did not have a professional photographer at the show, which means we had to make do with my iPhone photos for the review. Some of them are included there, you can see the full set on Flickr as well. I also recommend checking out these photos by Supply&Demand, which I considered requesting to use for KEXP but decided against when I realized they'd already posted the photos on their own blog.  

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