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Just a week after the Unwoman concert, I was back in the chilly Rendezvous JewelBox Theater on Friday January 7 to see Seapony, playing a set with Blue Skies for Black Hearts opening and Yuni in Taxco headlining. I liked what I'd been hearing of Seapony on KEXP and wanted to check them out, and I recognized Yuni in Taxco's name too, though I'd forgotten that I'd seen them do a KEXP Concert at the Mural last August. I'd also seen Blue Skies for Black Hearts before, back in August 2008, but had missed most of their set that time and didn't have much of an impression of them.

Blue Skies for Black Hearts are the kind of band I don't like to review: they were decent and likable but unremarkable, nothing much jumped out to hold my interest or give me anything to say. They played a bit of Tom Petty during soundcheck, that and Imperial Teen were the touchstones for their style, I thought. However, I did take note of their last song that evening, "Majoring in the Arts," from their forthcoming album Embracing the Modern Age; it had more oomph and was probably their best that evening. 

Seapony played sunny twee pop, British style, like Camera Obscura. The trio had nice melodic guitar lines, sweet if reserved/hushed vocals, and subdued bass; they were rounded out by a drum machine. I felt the singer's voice was notably stronger on their recorded single "Dreaming", which also felt a touch more rock. I also thought it seemed like they could just use a bass machine too, though actually I'd rather they keep the bassist and get a live drummer as well. But for all that, I actually did enjoy their set a lot and look forward to hearing more from them.

Yuni in Taxco played more raucous post-punk, kind of a twisted surf rock sound, due to the guitar style (Beach Boys rather than Dick Dale) and theremin, and some slide guitar as well. They seemed to have a wandless theremin, which I thought was quite cool. They had an interesting mix of styles/sounds, sometimes moody post-punk instead of surf punk, and I was really enjoying their set—I don't know why I didn't take any notes on their set last August. Unfortunately I had to leave early to catch the bus, but I thought they were definitely a band to watch and I'll have to catch them again.

Once again, just a few photos, here in this set on Flickr

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