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getting back to normal

Don't mean to keep missing days. Yesterday was a day of getting up late and puttering around until some expected work dropped on me, then I made a point of going out to Cafe Ladro to work, since I hadn't been out of the house all week except to fetch groceries on Wednesday. I ended up staying there until close, stopping at PCC to grab something quick to make for dinner, and getting home with just minutes to spare for posting, and I decided it just wasn't worth making the quick post. However, I don't want to miss two days in a row, so here I am making another quick filler post. At least today's excuse is better: more work this afternoon, followed by going to the Peltonens' for a "Food Club" dinner party, the theme being "green food". I had intended to make green tea ice cream and lime sorbet, but due to being sick this week didn't make anything. Fortunately I chatted with Amy yesterday, who said that there'd be so much food I didn't need to feel bad about not bringing something; the fortunate part is that that prompted me to suggest "green liquor?" as something I might bring instead, and Amy said yes, I should get midori for midori sours. I'd never had that before, and am quite pleased to discover they're tasty. And popular enough that we finished the large bottle I brought with me (there were quite a few people at the party, but still a bit surprising). Anyhow that was a good time.

I'm still feeling not quite back to health. It was relatively mild enough that I've been impatient about that and wondering why I don't seem to be fully recovered, which is silly—I'd have to check, but I believe that colds and flus are supposed to take a week or two to fully run their course, so I shouldn't be surprised that I'm not quite back yet. I am at least well enough to be out in public again and doing stuff, which is good as I've got work and more fun plans for this weekend, and I need to get back on to other important stuff, like further dealing with the car crash business. And I've actually managed to get one thing marked off the list—a relatively unimportant one of course, catching up on the concert reviews, but it's something, and now I need to take some time and get more things done.


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