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Archive concerts summary: August 2010

I went to a lot of concerts in August 2010; besides the KEXP Concerts at the Mural every Friday and the KEXP BBQ, I went to three other shows. Sadly, I took almost no notes at any of these shows, so I really can do little more than list them.

On Thursday August 19, I went to see my old friends Beehive at the Comet Tavern. I got to the show relatively late, I don't quite recall why, and missed two opening bands. A band called Micheal [sic] Clark and the Alleywalkers played next, and I took no notes about them. Then Beehive finished the evening; I hadn't seen them since their show in January which I reviewed for the KEXP Blog, and I was really happy to see them again. I'm particularly sad that I didn't take notes because I have a vague idea that they debuted a new song, but if they did I have no recollection of it. However, this is as good a place as any to mention that indeed they have been preparing a new set of songs for release; you can hear the first three on their website or MySpace page, and download them as the Game Face EP on CDBaby

Unusually, I was back at the Comet Tavern the very next night, but it won't be surprising to learn that the reason was because Hotels were playing a show. I didn't even create a note in my Notes app on my iPhone for this show, so I have no record of it at all besides the calendar entry. So I have no idea who else played that show; I do remember that I hadn't had dinner yet, having gone there straight from that evening's KEXP Concert at the Mural, so I missed at least one set while I went over to Big Mario's for some pizza. Anyhow, it was Hotels, I have no doubt it was a fun time.

Finally, on Friday August 26, I again headed from the KEXP Concert at the Mural straight out to another show, this time at Cafe Venus / Mars Bar to see my friend Tony Sacco filling in on drums for the band Sightseer. Once again, I didn't take any notes, and don't recall who else was on the bill although I'm pretty sure I did make it early enough for all three bands. As I recall, Sightseer weren't quite my style of music but they were still fairly enjoyable. I did take a few photos, and quite by coincidence, as well as quite unusually, Tony's position as drummer in the back corner happened to be the best-lit spot on the stage, so he came out looking the best. 


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