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Dungeon World: Cetak—Geography

Some notes on the geography of Cetak.

The sea levels have risen quite a bit in the prime world, by about 25 to 30 feet. The area around the course of the Duwamish River—SoDo, Harbor Island, Georgetown, basically the flat area between the West Seattle highlands and Beacon Hill—is flooded and known as "the Wash". It connects through Renton around the southern end of Beacon Hill to the southern end of Lake Washington, thus making south to central Seattle an island. Interbay is also flooded, making Magnolia a separate island. 

In the Feywild, the water levels are the same as the modern world, but the geography is that of Seattle before European-American settlement. No Montlake Cut or Fremont Canal, so consequently Lake Washington is about 9 feet higher, Seward Park is an island rather than a peninsula, and the southeastern area of the University District where Husky Stadium currently stands is at best marshland if not actually part of the lake. Denny Hill is also present rather than regraded flat, and there's no break in the ridge from south First Hill to north Beacon Hill (where currently I-90 passes under 12th Avenue). 

In the Shadowfell, water levels may be lower than present, although I'm not quite decided on that. At the least, Green Lake is certainly dried up, and Lake Union is probably lower. Otherwise the terrain is similar to modern-day Seattle, including the regrades and cuts. 

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