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scrambling for something to say

I think the worst part of writing at the end of the day is the scramble for something to say. I was at Caffe Ladro earlier, for about an hour or so, and I was trying to write a review of the new Hotels CD, On the Casino Floor. But I wasn't able to get my thoughts in order during that time; I have some idea of what I want to say, but I didn't get very far even with a draft during that time. So then I came home, put stuff away, fed the cat, and now I've sat down to get today's journal entry done. I wanted the album review to be that entry, but it's not ready. So instead I'm spending this last half-hour before midnight trying to come up with something else to write in a short time, and that's what I don't like—although I have been happy with some of the entries I've written in such time constraints.

I don't really want to switch to writing in the morning. First, I'm generally slow enough to get my day going, I don't want to add that requirement to it, especially as I think that'll just make me unhappy about having to write. Second, sometimes I have a topic that needs more than just a half-hour or so, and I'm more likely to have that extra time to spare in the evening, rather than during the day when I'm supposed to be getting work done. Third, Nimiel usually demands a lot of attention in the morning, whereas at night she'll generally let me sit and do my stuff.

Today, I got up late. I went to KEXP and did my intern work for the afternoon, then stayed for a short review of the tally system for the upcoming membership drive. I went to the Red Door in Fremont to meet my friend and neighbor Garwood, up from his current L.A. home for a visit. And then to Caffe Ladro to attempt to write the album review. Not much happened today to give me an easy topic to write in a half-hour, hence the scramble, and what's essentially another filler post. Well, there's tomorrow: I'm going to see Man or Astro-Man?, which should be a blast. For now, I'll put this post up, and then I think I'll give another try at banging out the album review, so that can be tomorrow's post, up early rather than late.

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