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Go Play NW 2011

For no good reason I never think of writing about the game convention I help organize, Go Play NW. But hey, we just opened registration for Go Play NW 2011, and since I need a quick topic to write about before midnight, this is a good match.

What's Go Play NW all about? It's just about getting a bunch of people, old friends and new, together for a weekend to play games, from indie story games to more traditional role-playing games and even to some board games on the side. Unlike most other hobby conventions, there are no sales booths, no seminars, no Q&A sessions. (Also, perhaps sadly, no people in amazing cosplayer outfits… yet.) And it's still fairly intimate: we had 93 people for the whole weekend last year, with an extra 10 on Saturday, and this year we're planning on accommodating 110 people, maybe a few more. 

This year's event will be held on the weekend of July 8 to 10 in the Northwest Rooms at Seattle Center, right by the Space Needle and in the heart of the cool Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. We kick off the event with the Friday Night Feast, a catered buffet dinner that gives everyone a chance to relax, meet new people, catch up with old friends, and get in the spirit for the rest of the weekend. And then, gaming! We divide the weekend up into time slots of varying length; people do some planning and game scheduling ahead of time on our forums, but a lot of games are also organized on the spot, either by individuals on their own or through our patented* Pickup Throwdown. (*Note: no patent pending.) And if you need a break from gaming, it's easy to chill out and socialize with a few people, or go check out other cool stuff in Seattle.

We've kept the full weekend registration price the same for the third year in a row, at $40, and likewise the one-day registration price is still $25. The Friday Night Feast is another $20, and the always-cool John Harper designed t-shirt is $20 as well. Check out our site, register now, we hope to see you in July!


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