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Okay, here's a revised draft of servant genies and the Bind a Genie to Servitude move.

Servant Genies
When you either Call a Genie for Service or Bind a Genie to Servitude, the genie has this basic profile:
Level 10, hp 80, damage 3d6, armor 5, powers invisibility / gaseous form / carry heavy load (up to 1,001 lbs), trait recalcitrant.

Recalcitrant (cue, constraint): This is how a bound genie reacts when balking at a command. It doesn't directly come into play with the Call a Genie to Service move (which is one reason why a sha'ir would use that move rather than just relying on a bound genie all the time), but may color the genie's interactions with the sha'ir.
  • Capricious—The genie will pursue its own whims rather than follow its orders.
  • Malicious—The genie will seek to cause harm to others, including its master, through following its orders.
  • Devious—The genie will seek to twist commands to its own purposes, whether by following them literally or by interpreting things in its favor.
  • Imperious—The genie will demand additional favors or rewards before obeying its orders.

Bind a Genie to Servitude

The sha'ir may negotiate to bind a genie into servitude for a period of not more than 101 days. Upon agreement, the genie will act as bodyguard, servant, and advisor, and will perform acts of genie magic as per its nature. This amounts to gaining a genie as a hireling. There are four types of genies, and each type has its own powers and particular recalcitrant trait.

When you bind a genie into servitude, pick a type:
  • Air (Djinni)—Powers: carry upon the whirlwind; conjure food and drink*; create storm or tornado. Recalcitrant: capricious.
  • Earth (Dao)—Powers: create stone; earthquake; shape the earth. Recalcitrant: malicious.
  • Fire (Efreeti)—Powers: create fire; create illusions; shape flames. Recalcitrant: devious.
  • Water (Marid)—Powers: create water (including fog and mists); grant water breathing; move or part water; purify water. Recalcitrant: imperious.
*Conjure food and drink may seem a little weird or inconsistent with the other powers, but it is one of the powers the standard D&D djinni has, and it's also a traditional wish that folktale genies fulfill. However, I am considering whether to replace it with something more consistent with the rest of the elemental-themed powers. (The efreeti's create illusions power isn't obviously fire-based, but does seem appropriate for having power over shaping flames and thus in a sense light, and it's also a traditional genie / standard D&D efreet power.)

As stated, this servitude is negotiated between the sha'ir and the genie. The default condition of service is that the sha'ir may release the genie at any time, but the genie is automatically released from service if any other condition is violated. Choose three other conditions:
  • The genie will not be entrapped in a genie prison.
  • The genie will be allowed to flee combat if it has lost more than half its hit points.
  • The genie will be provided a large amount of its natural element as a home.
  • The genie will receive a share of all treasure gained by the sha'ir, from 50 to 70 percent.
  • The genie will be maintained in the same lifestyle as the sha'ir, doubling general living costs.
  • The genie will be free from all tasks one day in every 10.
  • The genie will be freed upon the death of the sha'ir, but will first bring the sha'ir's body home.
  • The sha'ir will satisfy some whim of the genie, such as barking like a dog whenever a particular god or ruler is mentioned. (DM's choice.)
Once you have completed the negotiations (that is, chosen a type of genie and three conditions of service), you gain the Command Genie move as follows.
Command Genie (CHA): When you command a bound genie to perform a service, roll +CHA. On a hit, it is as you wish. On a miss, the genie is recalcitrant as per its nature. Note that none of the conditions of service prevent the sha'ir from punishing a recalcitrant genie, but slaying a bound genie incurs a -5 ongoing penalty in any further dealings with genies of any type. Also note that punishment cannot be in the form of reneging on one of the negotiated conditions of service, as that would still break the contract and release the genie.

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