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good things

New fake-leather jacket with detachable hood—I've been saying, for a couple years now really, that I ought to have some kind of heavy jacket that I can wear during the colder months when it's sunny, or at least not really raining, so that I don't always have to wear my long heavy raincoat. I like that raincoat (it's a London Fog coat), but it does feel odd now to wear it out when it's sunny outside. Now I've got a cool new jacket that makes me smile when I wear it.

More work coming—I talked to one of my clients today and he's got a bunch of things coming up, very likely including at least another pass on the long guide document I worked on last month that gave me a good amount of billable hours, and also including non-Microsoft work. I'm in contact with someone else who may become a new source of work, and even if that doesn't pan out it's proving to be a learning experience already. And of course I've got some work to do for KEXP in March following the Spring Membership Drive that starts next Friday.

Dancing and concerts—I'm going out to the Baltic Room tomorrow night for the dance night TRUST, which features KEXP DJ Kid Hops and local DJ group Sun Tzu Sound. Next week I'm going to see Man or Astro-Man? at the Crocodile on Thursday, which should be amazing, and then Hotels (celebrating the release of their new CD, On the Casino Floor) at the Columbia City Theatre on Saturday. Also coming up are a bunch of good shows, including Asobi Seksu, Pogo, Dodos, and Foals, plus Sarah Vowell doing readings from her latest book.

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