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concert writing and time management

I really need to make some time to get the rest of the 2010 concert summaries or reviews written. I've forgotten a lot of details, and in several cases I just have the list of bands that played anyhow, so I should be done with that. Plus, I want to be writing about the shows I'm currently seeing. I started writing about seeing Unwoman again, when she performed on January 1, and haven't finished yet because I put it aside when I needed to look up some of her songs so I could write coherently about the show. I'm not happy I did that, because now it's six weeks later and I wanted that one done while it was still fresh in my mind. And now I want to write about seeing Gang of Four last night, but I want to get the Unwoman write-up done first. I did just skip ahead to write about Dancing on the Valentine, but I knew I'd only have a sentence or two at most to say about each band, since it was a tribute concert. Also, I've got a bunch of other shows coming up soon, including one I'll be reviewing for KEXP, so that's another reason to get these done.

Of course, now I've got another work project to do—which certainly is a very good thing—so that means I'll end up deferring the music writing and several other things until the paid work is done. I think maybe one thing I have to do is simply short-circuit my thought processes about what's top priority, since I've still been avoiding some of the stuff that I think is the most important for me to get done, and just tackle some of the other things even if they're not what I "should" be getting done first. Reading that book on time management clearly ought to be the top priority…

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