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Archive concerts summary: June 2010

Let's toss out another one of these summaries. June 2010 was a very busy month for me, with a big work project finishing up, the KEXP pledge drive and a week of post-drive auditing work for me, Go Play NW, and my friend Doug's visit. So I only went to two shows that month.

The first show, on Saturday the 12th at Neumos, was a Noise for the Needy benefit featuring Kinski, with Baths opening and the Album Leaf headlining. Baths was a solo electronic artist playing room-shaking bass beats with mellow electronic melodies on top; I don't have any notes on how much I enjoyed it, but I expect it was fine. I only recognized two of Kinski's songs, "Hot Stenographer" and 'The Wives of Artie Shaw" (which are identified in my notes as "ba duh duh duh-duh" and "the flute one"—I'm still very bad about remembering the names of their songs), and the rest sounded new to me, but could have been older ones I'm not as familiar with. I took several notes on the Album Leaf, referencing "Do Make Say Think + heavy drum bass beat + some vocals" and "bit [like] Telefon Tel Aviv", before they started a song that sounded familiar. I realized I'd heard it before and seen the backing video, so I checked and found that sure enough, I'd seen them once already just back in February 2010 and I'd already forgotten. Annoyingly, I can't even track down what song it was: my notes mention "breaking out" as lyrics from the chorus, but they don't have a song by that name and I haven't been able to find it by checking lyrics sites or listening to the songs I can find online. So, although they were still pretty good and I enjoyed the set, I'm forced to conclude that they're rather forgettable overall. (Or else my memory is worse than I think, which seems plausible given my problems remembering Kinski's song titles.)

I have a small set of photos of Kinski and the Album Leaf on Flickr.

The second show was on Monday the 21st at the Tractor Tavern and featured Lou Barlow, on tour with a couple other musicians who I believe were the Missingmen (minus Mike Watt). I was never a fan of Dinosaur Jr. or Sebadoh, so I wouldn't have bothered to go to this show on my own. However, not only was Doug visiting at that point, but a couple of his friends from Boston were also in town for Go Play NW, and they knew the show was happening and wanted to go see it. So I went along and did recognize a few of the songs—he did play some songs from his projects Sebadoh and the Folk Implosion in addition to his own solo material—and thought it was fairly enjoyable. But I didn't get nearly as much out of it as Doug (or his friends), who was thrilled that Barlow played all the songs Doug hoped for, and he declared it an amazing performance. I am happy to take his word for it.

I also have a small set of photos of Lou Barlow on Flickr.

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