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Well, Easter went well. Yesterday (= Saturday), Pam helped me prepare the chicken cordon bleu. Surprisingly, it took nearly 3 hours to do, and that was with two people and using my neighbor's kitchen so that we wouldn't have to deal with Nimiel getting in the way. Of course, we did prepare 27 of them, but still it was a bit surprising to be reminded how labor-intensive it is, for something fairly simple.

Because we didn't get started until around 5, I didn't go to the Easter Vigil Mass this year, but that was okay. I was just as happy really not to have to sit through the 3-hour service. Instead I went to the 11 AM Mass this morning. I didn't manage to get up early, in fact I skipped breakfast and only just made it in time to get a seat and a lot of people had to stand through Mass. So when I got home at 12:30, I still had to vacuum the apartment, spruce up the bathroom, wash dishes, and wash up a bit and change - and I hadn't eaten yet so I wanted a little breakfast. I had told everyone they could come over any time after 2 PM, and fortunately everyone reliably followed the normal practice of not showing up until at least a half-hour after the time I tell them they can arrive.

Nimiel was a good kitty all day, even though we had a couple toddlers along with the dozen or so noisy adults. My friend Clara brought a new toy mouse for Nimiel, as well as a bag of cat treats, which was very cool of her. Everyone enjoyed the chicken cordon bleu (well, except the vegetarian, who brought a veggie dish that some other people ate as well) and the other dishes, we had birthday cake for Orkgrrrl, and lots of good conversation.

After everyone left, I did all the cleanup, then I thought about eating something but I wasn't really hungry yet, so I caught up on my checkbook as I knew I had to mail payment for a couple bills tomorrow. And then it was after midnight, and I was hungry, but I didn't really want to make anything at that point. But Brandon had made mini corn muffins and there were a couple left, and I thought, well, I can just eat those, I guess. I went to get a drink out of the fridge and saw that I still had a lot of strawberries, which both Brandon and Donna&Chris brought, and I thought well, I should have some strawberries with the muffins. And then I remembered the vanilla ice cream that I'd bought to go with the cake, and thought ooooh, vanilla ice cream AND strawberries AND corn muffins in a bowl! Excellent!

And that's how you end a good holiday.

Oh, almost forgot: Orkgrrrl took some good pictures both of Nimiel and of the chicken, but I think I want to move them off Shutterfly before linking to them.


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Mar. 30th, 2005 01:13 am (UTC)
Sounds like a good time. Sorry Amy and I missed it!

Apr. 5th, 2005 05:44 am (UTC)
Nimiel, the golden white kitty
Pssst, there's a photo of Nimiel over at Saints and Spinners.
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