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Still in the doldrums. I actually dwell there a lot, which sucks. Really, how else to describe how I spend so much time doing so little despite having so much that needs doing.

Today's been productive in that I had another long paper drop on me for editing, and so I got out of the house and went to Bauhaus for a while to do work, then up to Piecora's for some pizza and further work. Now I'm at home making my journal post for the day, and then I need to do some more work for a while before going to bed.

Despite all that, I've still been in a grumpy morose mood all day. I'm annoyed by having to make decisions about how to handle some issues in the document. I'm annoyed that Safari takes up so much working memory, hangs so often now when trying to load pages with embedded videos or other Flash elements, or just hangs for no other good reason. I'm annoyed that my computer apparently has a hard time handling the graphic demands of running Windows 7 at the same time as the Mac OS, which Safari only makes worse. I'm annoyed that this document in particular, with its many screenshots, is so troublesome for the system to handle that it's very difficult to actually do my work; not only does it sometimes fail to draw the screen correctly, but also it even just flat out refuses to respond when I click anywhere and I have to wait several minutes and try to trick it into responding and working again. I'm annoyed that the new Klipsch in-ear phones I bought a few months ago to replace my previous malfunctioning Sennheiser in-ear phones (which replaced my aging and inadequate ear buds that came with the iPhone) have also already malfunctioned, apparently because the wire for the right earphone came loose right at the base of the jack, so now I have to either try to get them replaced under warranty or buy new ones. (I considered going back to the original iPhone ear buds as a temporary measure, but the outer sheath has broken or worn away in a couple places, exposing the wires, so I don't trust them.) I'm still single, still lonely, and still morose about it.  And I'm annoyed about being morose about being lonely and single still. 

Okay, that's all my grumpiness for the day. Time's up, back to work. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be in a better mood.

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