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January review

Oh, The List. Why can't you just take care of yourself?

In the December review, I wrote, "I know I've got several new things I want to put down on the list, so it's time to get stuff DONE. … Starting next month, I need to do all I can to make 2011 a better year all around for me." Well, after the last two weeks of December were fairly quiet work-wise—conveniently so, as I was also home for Christmas vacation—January kicked off with a lot of work, as everyone was rushing to prepare for the release of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the product which has been central to the majority of my work in the past few years. That plus another unexpected project involving a couple edit passes on a long document kept me quite busy for the first three weeks of January, including weekends. So I hardly even thought about the list for the month.

At the start of the last week of January, my time opened up again, and I started on an important task that had to be done that week, filling out the business license tax form for Go Play NW, which meant also catching up on some record-keeping so that I had accurate numbers for our business last year. That did not go as quickly as it should have, in part because I was reluctant to deal with it for no good reason, and then as I finished that up, more work dropped on me mid-week. 

In short, I was fairly busy most of this month, and a fair amount of that was with paying work—I'll have close to 120 billable hours this month (although some of the invoicing is done at mid-month, so some of those hours actually carry over to next month's invoice)—so I shouldn't feel bad about barely touching the list. Still, looking at it, it sure doesn't seem or feel like I'm getting things done.


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