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I didn't really intend to devote this whole week to Dungeon World posts. It's a convenient topic to write about when I have little time, it's more interesting than talking about how I have little time and how I didn't do all the things I feel I need to do, and I am still hoping to start running a game of Dungeon World soon, perhaps as soon as next week, so it's useful preparatory work. But I will return to other topics soon, I promise you. 

Also, I've been remiss so far about pointing you to the source of Dungeon World. When I first wrote some thoughts on magic in D&D and how that related to Tony's Apocalypse World hack "Apocalypse D&D", I did include a link to the discussion forum for his hack, hosted on the Apocalypse World forums. Since then, however, Sage and Adam have taken Tony's initial work and run like mad with it, doing an amazing job of fleshing out the character classes and gradually filling in the other details to help people run the game, moving towards a stand-alone work rather than just a supplement for Apocalypse World. They have been calling their version of the hack "Dungeon World", which is the name I've been using since before I started to detail my Chiaroscuro/Setak/Seattle setting, and you can find the current version of the PDF on Sage's site, as well as occasional entries about it on his blog.

There is at least one already-published game setting also called "Dungeon World", and I had the vague impression that that name was also already in use in the area of electronic/console games, so I expect that if they ever do offer it as a stand-alone product for sale, they'll have to change its name first. However, I'm amused and surprised and pleased to find that Sage's site is currently the top Google search result for "Dungeon World". I think he and Adam are doing really great work and deserve a lot of attention for this. And I'm not just saying that because Sage had some nice words for the posts I've made so far about the Setak setting.

Thanks everyone for your interest, comments (on Facebook), and support.

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