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been busy

I unintentionally missed a couple days of posting. Thursday, I was just busy with work; I ended up staying 8 hours at Bauhaus trying to get some stuff done, and as I hadn't had a proper dinner, I decided to head home rather than post first. Friday, I was again busy during the day with a Go Play NW meeting and some work, then had dinner with friends, then went to a movie night at some other friends' place.

Tonight I was babysitting for the Dowlers so that they could go out to dinner to celebrate their recent tenth anniversary of their wedding (congratulations, guys!). Then I came here to Bauhaus, with some plans to post the character class I've been working on for Dungeon World. However, it's still not quite in the shape I want it to be in when I post it, and although I started writing out an entry to post the current draft version, I realized I wasn't going to have enough time to do that, either. So instead, it's a filler post again.

Tomorrow I hope to spend some time on this character class project, as I would like to get it posted soon (it's been a monthly list item for a few months, after all). I should probably spend some time on some of the other items from this month's list, too. The real tricky part is that, because of the demands of work since last weekend, my bedtime's drifted to 3 am again, making it hard for me to get up in the morning but also hard to get to bed earlier at night. I have to try hard to get up tomorrow rather than laze in bed late, because with the drop-off in work, I need to make sure I'm getting up in the morning and spending time on finding work, as I've written about before. 


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