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more work, upcoming music

Five minutes is not much time to write. I've been having long days this week, editing a fairly long document for work, after just doing a pass on it last week, and I've continued to have other work rolling in too. So this month, like last month, looks to turn out fairly decently, approximately the minimum 80 hours I should be billing for work each month just to be making ends meet. I'm concerned that the well of work is about to dry up again, though, and I've been busy enough that I haven't spent time on dowsing for water, as it were. Still, this respite gives me a bit of room to breathe again, so that I should be able to do some of that dowsing next week. I've basically written this post once already just two weeks ago, "work avoids work", but I've only got five minutes left to write tonight and that's about the only update I have to talk about at the moment. Just too tired from some long days and late nights of work.

A few brief notes on a completely different topic: music and live shows!
  • I'm very sad that I can't be in Boston this weekend for Soozapalooza, featuring a reunion of one of my all-time favorite bands, Mistle Thrush.
  • I'm very excited that Hotels have announced their next CD, On the Casino Floor, will be out February 23, with a CD release show at the Columbia City Theater on Saturday February 26.
  • Beehive have also made some noise about having their next album out in February, and I'm still eagerly awaiting to hear more about that. I'm just hoping they don't schedule a CD release show conflicting with Hotels, or Gang of Four on February 16, or Man or Astroman? on February 24. Busy month for music!

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